Hi there, I am so happy you stumbled across my blog! My name is Niki Luther. I am a wife to Travis and mom of Penelope. I am a Broker Associate, RealtorĀ® in sunny Palm Coast, Florida. You will see lots of home projects, tips and advice here. Of course, with us living in Florida, I had to dedicate a section to travel and fun because we love trips to Disney, boating and exploring what this beautiful world has to offer. The original idea to make this site came to me when I was reading my real estate bio. You see, my slogan is; “putting the heart into your home.” It dawned on me that this does not just pertain to selling houses and aiding in real estate transactions. I want to [ put the heart into your home ] for every aspect that I can. From relating to one another through motherhood, experiences, house projects, missionary work and more. I put Jesus first in my life and he is the inspiration for many of my posts. Inspiration such as; positivity, motivation, loyalty, and living my best life. There are so many things I learn everyday and things I want to share with others, this is where I will document it all. This blog is just for fun, please be kind. Let’s keep this space happy and positive. Thank you for joining me and I look forward to learning more about you too!

 -Niki Luther


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