Refuse to Feel Little

Social media has some mighty powers. The power to make you laugh, the power to motivate you to do great things and donate to wonderful causes. The power to keep you in touch with people all across the world. It has come a very long way in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, there are also some negative powers of social media too. We are seeing an explosive amount of “influencers” rise on all platforms. This is awesome for people who love to share their lifestyle or even growing business owners to give you behind the scenes of their success.

When you view social media and the highlight reel of all the BEST moments in peoples lives, do not feel small. Do not feel like you are rushed or have a timeline where you need to accomplish the same things. Refuse to let yourself believe that because you do not go on extravagant vacations and have a Gucci belt that you are any less of a person.

You are also doing great things. You are amazing too. Everyones highlight reel is different. Maybe you got the whole house cleaned and the kids in bed before 8. Or maybe you aced your final exam for a test you have been struggling studying for.

My point is short and simple, REFUSE to FEEL LITTLE. Even on your worst days, yes, we all have them. Refuse to feel down on yourself and fall into the comparison trap. Instead, Be SO happy for others and their wonderful highlights, while working on yours!

Thank you for reading and having some real talk with me.

Here are a few quotes to keep you going!

-Niki Luther


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