The Human Behind the Sign & Wishes for 2020!

Hi there! It is so good to have you back to my blog to chat a little about my wishes for 2020. I am blessed to have so many local supporters in my life and even friends I have never met in person from social media. You guys are the REAL ROCKSTARS! To be able to be kind to someone you have never met and always stand in my corner. Thank you so much for following along my career journey as I implement every avenue from blogs to videos into my business.  I am going into my 7th year in Real Estate this year and it has been one heck of a ride.

In 2019, I learned many things about life and I am still continuing to grow everyday. This is actually a topic I will be making a video about soon. The fact that WE GROW EVERYDAY! None of us are experts in anything, we all start from day one. We have ups and downs and always have room for improvement in our life.

If you haven’t noticed the title “The human behind the sign,” this is a video I made all about me, all about starting to change my thought process and start showing the side of me that many do not get to see. Yes, I sell properties, yes I love it…but there are more things about me that are the sum of what makes me good at what I do. I hope that you will take the time to watch the video. SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel and join me on my journey as I share about EVERYTHING.

There are NO LIMITS for 2020! You want to start a blog, go skydiving, change careers, learn to play an instrument…. GO FOR IT! 

Go for it and do not look back. The beginning is the most important part of the work. If you do not simply START, you will be always stuck in the state of “WHAT IF.” Thanks again for joining me and I look forward to interacting with you this new year!

I am wishing you a Happy New YearIMG_2013 2 2020 from my family to yours. With lots of love!

-Niki Luther


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