If you Don’t LOVE where you LIVE you are doing it wrong! <3

Living in Palm Coast, Florida since 2001 there has been a lot of exploring our beautiful city. I have put so many miles of trails on my old sneakers. The smell of the breeze and the palm leaves make me tingle. The rays of the sun on my skin is a relaxing feeling for me. I am one of those people who could stay outside in the heat walking for hours of enjoyment.

This last year we did not take advantage of the outdoors very often, between running two businesses and raising a toddler while working from home, we never took the time to get back to the trails that we love so much.

This year is going to be different and the big push we needed came from the Mayors 90/90 Challenge. There are always A MILLION excuses why you CAN’T do something. It’s time to take the reins and MAKE some time for yourself. Our schedules have not changed, we are still busy and have loads of things to get done in one day but taking the time to go outside, get some fresh air and clear our minds is only going to DO GOOD for us.

Which brings me to the reason of this blog post, I wanted to share one of my favorite trails with you. This trail was actually documented on one of my very first instagram posts! Here are some of the throwback photos from one of our times walking the trails.

As you can see in 2012, our puppies were still very little, (you will see the pictures from our recent walk with them below) and we didn’t have our daughter Penelope with us yet, but the trail remains the same as it is today. That is one of the things I love about where I live. There is so much beauty to see and explore all around. The trails in Palm Coast are all kept clean and pet friendly! Some people may not even know that this trail exists. 

IMG_0111There are a few different places you can start this trail, but we especially love the part with all the bridges through the woods, so we park at Oak Trails Blvd and start the trail there.

Of course, it just gets better and better, you can actually scan all the trail head signs in Palm Coast and use their maps to keep track and find hidden trails throughout the city. That way you always know where you are and also how far you have to go to get to the next trail head.

This trail is part of the Graham Swamp Trail Loop which in total is 7.4 miles, but like I said earlier you can start from multiple places and do less or more walking of your choice. This would be perfect for biking because you can travel all the way over to Waterfront Park where there are restrooms and water fountains (not to mention one heck of a view of the ICW).

Graham Swamp Oak Blvd Trail Head Palm Coast, Fl

If you want to join us on our 90 day 90 miles challenge, it is not too late. Download the Palm Coast Connect app to your phone, and start tracking ANY activity you do in Palm Coast. Everyone who completes the Mayor’s 90/90 Challenge will receive a prize during the City Council Meeting on April 7th.

I am so grateful to live in this beautiful city, to have a healthy family to enjoy it with and the ability to always START something new right in our backyard.

I want to see your challenge photos and the trails you explore. Tag the location of Palm Coast, Fl and use the hashtag #Mayors9090. I have so many beautiful trail photos in store for you, be sure to follow along with me on instagram to get behind the scenes video stories of our adventures!


If you don’t love where you live, you are doing it wrong! ❤

Until next time!

Niki Luther 


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