How to NOT buy a new vacuum every year!

If you are anything like me, you may think vacuuming is therapeutic….

Anyone? LOL! Don’t judge me.

So let’s talk vacuum cleaner maintenance. It may seem easy to toss out your vacuum cleaner every time it brings you trouble. I mean it is so much easier to toss that gross thing to the curb than actually clean it or fix a clog right? I used to do this for years. Nice vacuum cleaners too, $299 each and once even a Dyson….shhhh. Yes, I know, I am in shock right now too.

BUT I have recently changed my views on tossing things out that can be fixed. It may be Rachel Ramsey who pushed me to this but it totally makes sense.

A vacuum cleaner is like any other tool or appliance. It requires maintenance to keep it in tip top shape, and you would be surprised how long they can actually last when you take care of them.

First thing I want to talk about is filters. They can easily be changed and replaced. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it either. I got this pack from Amazon for dirt cheap…(No pun intended). In the manual it will suggest you change the filter on your vacuum every 3 months. I have to admit I have never changed a vacuum filter until recently. It is insanely easy to change the filters, and if your vacuum does not have replaceable filters, take the filters out and wash them! Let them air dry before putting it back into the machine. I have also found dabbing a few drops of essential oil on the filters makes the house smell fresh and less like a stinky sock.

Next up clogs. Vacuum cleaners have their work cut out for them. Between pet hair, human hair, small toys, food and other random things stuck in the carpet, it is really easy to clog the vacuum. Most people think since the suction is gone that the vacuum is broken and that couldn’t be more wrong! You may just need to unscrew a few sections and find the clog. Remove the hose and see if there is a chunk of something stuck inside. Once removed the vacuum suction is restored.

Replacement parts can be purchased on amazon or the company website so you can continually keep your vacuum in top shape. I ordered a new canister with funnel for my vacuum directly from the Shark website. No need to replace the entire vacuum this part was only $29!

In all my years, I never thought I would write a blog post about vacuuming, but it makes me happy to have a clean home and be mindful of the things we are throwing away that may still have some life left in them. Plus saving my money for other things is a HUGE WIN!

If you have any vacuum tips that I may have missed, please comment below! I would love to chat more house cleaning topics with you.

Until Next Time!

-Niki Luther

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