Florida AirBnb Bucket List!

Hi there! Welcome back to another blog post at Heart into your Home. I am so excited to dive into this one especially since we have been confined to the house for the most part of 2020. I sincerely hope that 2021 is filled with travel and memories, but for now let’s dream a little as we look into my TOP 3 Florida Airbnb Bucket List! Maybe I will be checking these places out sooner than later and I would like to share an exclusive review of each one on our experience.

If you are new to the AirBnb world. It is an amazing platform where you can rent properties nightly or weekly in all parts of the world! You can explore tiny homes or huge cottages in the most unique places. To sign up and explore Airbnb you can use my invite link. You can get up to $65 off your first booking just from signing up and booking. I encourage you to check it out, wherever you may live! Even just some late night scrolling through some magical places if you aren’t able to physically go out and travel right now. Without further procrastination, let’s check out some epic Florida properties!

First up! This one is definitely more of a “Stay-Cation” idea because we only live about 25 minutes from Saint Augustine, Fl. In fact part of our weekly routine is walking around downtown Saint Augustine so I know exactly where this property is and the actual place is just as magical as the photos! I mean flip through the photos below and take a look at that bathroom!!

Historic Downtown Saint Augustine still holds a special place for us even though we explore it regularly. I look forward to having a stay at the Bayfront Marin House in the future. Some activities to look forward to are of course walking all the streets and seeing the history, riding the trolley, eating at some waterfront restaurants, and maybe even a ghost tour or two! Have you been to Saint Augustine? Let me know in the comment section!

Second Place on the List! It wouldn’t be a Florida vacation without a little water and a BOAT! Check out this Catamaran Rental in Key West, Fl.

Say What?! Yes! This boat sleeps 6 people and includes a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath living area with plenty of deck space for tanning. We have been to Key West only two times but have NEVER seen it like this. You can check out our last trip to Key West here in this short vlog below. This would be an EPIC place to stay next time we take a trip to the Keys!

Last but not least, number 3! This river cabin in O’Brien, Florida looks magical. It sleeps 11 people so you can bring the whole crew with you on this adventure. Florida certainly has beautiful beaches but something about the back woods is just as relaxing!

This is the place to stay if you want to GET AWAY from the hustle and bustle and read a book by the water, have a glass of wine while watching the sunset or tell stories by the fire pit. I know my sisters and all the kids would have a blast at this place! Florida is full of nature and wildlife. Sometimes you just need to take a drive, get out of the subdivisions and explore it all.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog sharing some airbnb must haves on my bucket list. If you have stayed at any of these locations and have something to share I would love to hear from you. Maybe you have some Airbnb experiences of your own that you want to recommend? You can always comment below or send me a DM over on instagram where I share more behind the scenes fun and everyday life.

Thank you for joining me!

Until Next Time!!

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