Have you said it? “I Thought About Getting my Real Estate License”

Being a real estate agent and working in the business for a short 6 years, I constantly get asked questions frequently.  “How’s the market, do you like being an agent, are you still selling houses?” It is always directly followed with them replying, “I thought about getting my real estate license.”  I always answer in a courteous response and give advice to people looking to get their license and curious what this business has to offer. It is usually something along the lines of “you get out of it what you put into it, and its nice being your own boss making your own hours, the sky is the limit, etc.”

My last encounter with someone I went to high school with many years ago that said “I thought about getting my real estate license,” had conversation with me in a negative way, such as anyone can do it, it takes no effort, just another license to acquire, and it really got my wheels turning.

Any career path you choose to provide for your family is going to take effort; it is going to take hard work and long hours. Real estate is not any different. Once you get your real estate license you are not handed buyers and sellers. There is not a boss writing you a check every single week.  It has been put into numbers that 87% of new agents fail their first year. Maybe you did the schoolwork, and got the license, but do you have what it takes to ride this crazy roller coaster called REAL ESTATE?

Real estate agents are there for people during the happiest times of their lives and also sometimes the worst time of their lives. A daughter or son having to take on the responsibility of selling their deceased parents home, or a couple going through a nasty divorce having no choice to sell their home where they raised their children.  Or working with a first time home buyer who is completely new to the process and walking them through every single step.  All of these scenarios take a special place in someone’s life. They are not treated as another transaction in the books; to them this is a huge life transition. My point is, that if you are thinking of getting your real estate license to make easy money, you will be disappointed.

Q0166-zoomed_1024x1024On the contrary, this is not at all to discourage new agents getting into the business. This has been the most rewarding career providing for my family. I have met the most AMAZING clients who always become friends. Yes, I work until midnight some nights and almost always get up and go at any time to meet clients at houses, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

Be prepared to hit the ground running; be prepared to BE GOOD TO PEOPLE, but most importantly be prepared to never stop striving. Never get comfortable where you are, you must adapt and change with the market. You cannot expect to grow if you do not CHANGE.

Nothing in life is easy. You can read all the self help-motivation books, take every real estate coaching seminar there is, but until you change your mindset and implement change into your everyday life you will not see results.

I want to hear from you. Have you ever thought about doing something, or changing something in your life? Let’s chat, I am here to put the heart into your home not only with real estate but also with down to earth everyday struggles!



 -Niki Luther



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