DIY Children’s Hair Bow Organizer

Hey Mama’s,

Meet Penelope Belle, my “almost” 3-year-old. She has inspired this post today!

If you have a little girl too, you know that the ACCESSORIES are on overdrive! I am told it only gets worse as they grow up, but for now I will try to organize as much of her stuff as I can. I have recently acquired a taste for “vintage” items and it brought me to this idea of making a bow organizer from an old window shutter.

We have this amazing warehouse about an hour from our house called Eco Relics. Eco Relics is committed to reducing waste, repurposing supplies, and providing reclaimed and discount building materials to the community. You will read a lot more about them in my next post, where I will be restoring an old wooden window!


Back to the bows, after walking around Eco Relics for a while gathering ideas. I saw this beauty. They had so so many different window shutters available but I needed something small enough to hang in Penny’s room and hold all her bows. It was dirty, and had some nails on the side of it, but I saw the vision and decided to snag this one. IMG_8588

It was fairly inexpensive at $25. This one also seemed to be in the best shape, some of the others were missing a few shutters.

We took Penny to Lowe’s with us and let her pick out the color she wanted the shutters to be. At first, she picked a very very lime green but after looking a little more, she decided on this . “Mama it’s Peach like a Peach!”

I spray painted it in the driveway and in this Florida heat it was dry pretty quickly. Be sure to open the shutters and close them so that you spray in side, around and on all angles of the shutters. I did not spray the backside of the shutters since I will be hanging it on the wall with the “pretty” side out.

IMG_8593This was the way the bows were displayed before. You can see it is just a mess and jumble of bows hanging from a ribbon. It was okay when we only had a few bows, but as the collection grows, we need more space. I will link below where I get most of her bows for the best price.

Click here to get the same BOW COLLECTION

Here is the finished project! She loves it, I love being able to see which bow matches her outfit and its easy to hang them back up and keep them organized once we are done with them.



Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article about our fun project. If you replicate this project I would love to see it. Please comment your pictures below or send me a message. I am looking forward to my next blog featuring more finds from Eco Relics. If you are curious where I purchased some of Penny’s bows you can find them here. Click here to get the same BOW COLLECTION

IMG_0545-Niki Luther








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