Remember WHY you Started…

This past July I reached a milestone in my career that I never would have thought I would achieve when I started. I realized I had sold my 100th property. Yeah I sell a lot of houses, I am constantly in the market, this is not my hobby, it was never intended to be, but it seriously opened my eyes to see my progress.

When I decided to get my real estate license I was at a breaking point in my life. I was miserable at my job, I had severe anxiety from the negativity at my workplace, I was fed up and tired of living in this hamster wheel I called my life. “One step forward, two steps back.” I HATE limits. I cannot function when I know that I am only allowed to make this much, or have this much or do this much. I need space, I need to know that I set the bar in my life.

I remember crying on my day off one day knowing I had to go to work the next day and sit in the locked drive thru unit and clock in, clock out when “they” tell me to and just keep living the same day over, not progressing. I worked as a bank teller in a drive thru, ALONE in silence at a bank that only had about 10 customers drive-in a day. I felt trapped.

I prayed and wrote in a prayer journal almost every single day while working that job. Asking God, how I will ever be able to progress in my life, start a family, live comfortably? I knew this wasn’t my path, I knew that Gods plan for me was bigger. I could feel it and I had the faith. I believed it.

As soon as I finished all the licensing to be a Realtor, my workplace found out and decided it was conflict of interest for me to be licensed and work at their establishment. So, they FIRED me. I didn’t get a slow transition into the real estate market, I didn’t get to learn the reins and work it as a side job. I was pushed in the deep end with no preparation.


The minute I walked out that door I felt liberated, NEVER TURNING BACK. 

I sold my first house within 30 days, then the next in 60 days, then it didn’t stop. God kept sending me people to help. I became addicted to peoples journey, to their new adventure. To treating them beyond measure, to showing them what it was like to have someone do their job with heart.

I started…because I wanted more for me and my family, but it became SO much more icaniwill.jpgthan that. The more clients I took on, the more horror stories I heard about other agents, the more “warnings” people gave me that the real estate business is “cut throat.” That being honest and nice, I would never make it in their world. I wanted to change that. I wanted people to see that I am a person, like them, I have a family, I have a heart and this isn’t about the money to me. This isn’t about pulling up to showings driving a jaguar, or only listing houses in million dollar neighborhoods. This is about YOU. Connecting with you on a personal level, understanding your needs, and following through with the same patience and kindness that God has given me in life.

These past “almost” 6 years in my career have changed EVERYTHING about my life. I have had the ability to raise my daughter, savor every moment from newborn to toddler.  My husband can focus on his art work and we spend so much more time together. I can go to church EVERY SUNDAY and participate in bible studies and set aside time to praise God for everything he has graced us with.

I have met extraordinary people, newlyweds, brand new families, families who lost a dear loved one, amazing independent people buying a home all on their own, retirees setting course for new places, investors buying their very first flip, families building their dream home. I got to be there for all of it. I GET to be a stepping stone in their journey and I am honored everyday when someone refers me to their friends or family because then I know I made an impact on their life just as they made an impact on mine.

I know in my heart that God set me up for this. I know he wants me to show everything HE has to offer. The HEART and PASSION I put into my work is all from him. My constant positivity, optimism is rooted from him.

large-2Remember why you started…remember to keep going. When you think you have reached the finish line, or are comfortable where you are at, look back at where it all began. If your story is about a different subject, something minor or major, looking back at how much you have grown and why you started, is insane motivation.

I can tell you this: I am not stopping. There is no limit, there is no excuse to cut corners, there are NO SHORT CUTS. Do it the right way the first time even if it takes longer, the outcome is worth it.

Thank you for reading about my story. I hope that it inspires you to push harder at what you are trying to accomplish in your own life. Sometimes remembering why you started in the first place pushes you to pursue further.

I don’t share personal stories often and this was very difficult for me to open up, but I felt compelled to do so.

The meaning behind #HeartIntoYourHome ❤





-Niki Luther





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