EASY! (and cheap) Jewelry Organization

IMG_8899Some of you may know me personally and know that for years, I have had an insane addiction to accessories. Lots of women love their designer purses or shoes, but me…. I am a sucker for some fashion jewelry. Every pair has a story, the ones in this photo I bought and wore in the Cayman Islands. Every time I put them on it takes me back to those happy moments.

For the longest time I had my earrings hanging on a board in my master bathroom. One of those DIY Pinterest earring hangers. Once the collection got bigger and bigger this idea wasn’t working for me anymore. I also found that a lot of the earrings and necklaces were getting very dusty and turning color. Turning color is common when the jewelry is not the fancy kind, but I still enjoy them whether they are $2 or $20. Some of the earrings we purchased in Jamaica on our honeymoon that were handmade, so I wanted to find a solution that was easy to access them but also keep them dust free.

Enter in these cheap and durable organizer cases from the DOLLAR TREE! 


Well folks, I ordered an entire case of these to finally dust off all my earrings and necklaces and give them a proper safe place. I love many things about these cases, of course that they are only $1, but also that they close tightly. If you drop one on the floor it is not going to burst open and also that it has different size compartments that way various size items can be put into each spot.

The top of the case is clear, this makes it SUPER easy to look inside. I can quickly pick out what color goes with my outfit or which piece I am looking for that day.  I organized them in my own chaotic way with long necklaces in the same box, colors or themes in the same container, just so that I know where they are easily.


I store the cases in the drawers of my makeup vanity, which is comparable to the Ikea ALEX drawers. There is still plenty of room for more cases and I am really happy with the way they fit perfectly in the separated spots. Some of the jewelry you see pictured are from Earthbound Trading Co. and Charming Charlie.

Jewelry Organization Dollar Tree

How do you store your accessories? I would love to hear about what you find easiest and how you organize your life. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I hope to inspire you with this one and others in the future. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave below. Interacting with each other is something I am striving for.



-Niki Luther


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