How to PLAN a MOVE During Covid

Raise your hand if you’ve been imaginary house hunting at some point during quarantine?! Have you found yourself on sites like Zillow just to see what’s out there and if people are actually selling their homes during all of this (YES they really are)!!!

Here’s a fun game you can play – pick a realistic price range that you’d buy in, then pull up a real estate website and you have to pick a house that is currently for sale to “pretend buy”! If you do this, send me the one you pick! It’s something fun to do while bored in the house!
Anyways, getting to my point.. what if you DO find a house you love. What if you want to move right now because that perfect home came along that you can’t pass up? How do you navigate moving when most of the world is still shut down? Today I’m sharing a few simple tips that will make moving during Covid less stressful than it might seem!




1 – Keep a bin of just the essentials. Think about what you’re going to need the first couple of nights so you don’t have to dig into the moving boxes right away.

2 – Label all of your moving boxes with the room AND what is inside. For example, if the box says “Kitchen” – add “mixing bowls, glassware, pots and pans, etc”.

3 – Move the boxes to the garage instead of directly inside the house. Unload and unpack them room by room instead of dumping everything in the house.

4 – Move all linens, clothes and pillows yourself. Put them in duffle bags or vacu-seal bags. If you have people helping, they won’t be grabbing actual pillows or blankets but just the outside.

5 – Pack a cooler of food that you can bring to the house on moving day. That way you’ll have your essentials without having to go to the store during your move.

6 – If you’re hiring movers, cover all upholstered furniture and rugs yourself.


7 – Schedule yourself a gap between closing and moving day. That way you can have things like internet and cable installed prior to being in the home. You can also make several trips and move in gradually if needed.

apartment-blinds-cabinets-chairs-3497498 – Meal prep food prior to moving day so you have a few freezer meals to grab from when you first move in! That way you can make sure you’re getting all of your pots, pans, dishes and plates cleaned really well before using them.

BONUS TIP: Grab some paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, and disposable utensils you can grab if needed!

9 – If you have kiddos – bring wipes to wipe down all of their toys when you get to the new house. Create an area where you can set up a playroom so they can hangout there with already disinfected toys while you’re unpacking boxes!

10 – Pack a bin of cleaning essentials that you keep separate from anything the movers are moving. That way you can do a deep clean of the new place right when you get there!


What do you think? Could you see yourself making a move right now if that perfect house came along? These tips can really be used for moving ANY time but right now we’re using extra hand sanitizer and being a little extra cautious when it comes to keeping things bacteria free!



Thank you for joining me!

Until Next Time…


-Niki Luther

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