The Future Homeowner’s Club

Today I’m sharing my secret weapon designed to help you become a homeowner in ONE year (or less) – without the overwhelm.

Too often, I’ve seen unprepared buyers dive into the process head first without having any idea what to expect or how to navigate the process. I created the “future” homeowner’s club to help prepare buyers for the process in advance so they can buy their first home with confidence! The smartest home buyers are prepared home buyers! So let’s talk about the future homeowner’s club and what it means exactly!

What is the future homeowner’s club?

This is the foundation to your home buying success. I mapped out your 1 year timeframe for what steps to take and when, if you want to be moving into your new home (champagne celebrations and all) within one year from today.

Think of this as your all access pass to the resources you need to go from home buyer to homeowner!

So who is the future homeowner’s club for? It’s for anyone who is thinking about buying their first home in the next 12 months!

While I’ve designed a 12 month road map, this process can also be expedited and customized to your situation.

I have a free handbook I put together that walks you through all the steps and even has a checklist to keep you on track that you can request right now. Click here to join.


If you raise your hand to tell me you’re in – you want to join the future homeowner’s club, I will send you an email with a PDF of the guide and then you’ll be kept on my private list!

That means, you’ll be kept in the loop on things like what to expect when home inspecting, my list of lender recommendations, and any other info you’re curious about. You’ll have direct access to me about anything you want to know leading up to being ready to dive into the process. And best of all, we’ll become email best friends – you’ll have a professional home expert right in your back pocket!


Inside the Future Homeowner’s Guide, you’ll find a 12 month game plan for buying your first house – pretty cool, right?

Here’s a little sneak peek:

12 months out:

The guide lists out your first steps that you can start with TODAY such as checking your credit score, figuring out a home buying budget and getting your finances in order.

From there, the guide breaks down what to do in the 6-9 month out timeframe, includes a home wish list worksheet and a list of paperwork to start gathering.

Once you’re 3 months out, it’s time to take the more serious steps like actually getting pre-approved and meeting with your Realtor.

I even provide a checklist that you can print off and check off each item as you get there.

As I mentioned in the beginning, you can certainly go through this faster than 12 months. I can custom design a plan unique to you if that is the case. The first step is always going involve the credit check, budget planning and figuring out how much money you’ll need to have saved.

For you, this might only take a few weeks which means you could be diving into the actual home search process a lot sooner than you think!

The goal with the future homeowner’s club is to get you IN your new home within 12 months. So the way it’s mapped out is that there is about 9 months of getting things in order with financing, saving for a down payment and getting prepared with your budget.

Once you’re 3 months out is when I recommend starting the actual search but again, these dates can be totally flexible and custom to you.

I want to set you up for success so that you can make smart real estate decisions, buy a house that fits both your budget and lifestyle and be your trusted ally in the journey. If you want to learn more or would like a copy of the Future Homeowner Handbook, Click Here!

Thanks so much for joining me! In honor of National Homeownership Month, tell me your dream home feature! Mine is definitely natural wood accents, whether its antique wood flooring or amazing wooden cross beams!

Until Next time!

-Niki Luther

Join me on instagram for behind the scenes fun! @NlutherRealtor

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