The Home Features You’re Probably Overlooking but Shouldn’t be!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed about the farmhouse kitchen you scrolled past on Instagram or having that oversized island for entertaining. I don’t know about you but watching HGTV turn outdated houses into Pinterest worthy dream homes always has me mentally designing my own dream home! But today I’m talking about the home features you’re probably overlooking – whether it’s your own home or the home you’re going to be looking for next.


The features that most homeowners and home buyers overlook are often connected to the lifestyle of the house, which should be a big part of your home search criteria as well as what you highlight when it comes time to sell.

Often times, buyers and sellers overlook these features because they’re too zoned in on the features that Pinterest, Instagram and HGTV have caused them to focus on.

This comes down to the features that can’t be changed (or not easily anyways) vs. the features that can.

Paint, flooring, carpeting, cabinets, decor… all that can be updated and changed over time. 

A question I always ask my sellers is: what have you loved most about living in this home? – and most of those responses have nothing to do with the typical design features we tend to focus on.

So let’s talk about those features that get overlooked so you don’t end up passing up the perfect house on your home search because you failed to look past that little bit of TLC the house needed or the flooring that wasn’t as pretty as the next house.


Natural Light – Think about what direction the house faces.

 Seriously, you might think this sounds a little crazy as far as home features to prioritize, but it’s really important to some people.

Think about morning light for example.. where does it stream into your current home? Does it filter in through your kitchen windows where you can sip your morning coffee and enjoy that beautiful light before starting your day?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to put in a pool but your backyard is mostly covered by shade in the afternoon. Does natural light energize you when working from home? Having a home office space with plenty of light should be a priority to you then.

The direction that your house faces plays into the lifestyle your house creates if these things are important to you.

Room flow

If you don’t want to get into projects like tearing walls down, room flow should be at the top of your home search criteria, yet it’s not something you typically hear about. This goes beyond open concept vs traditional layouts and is about the overall house.

How are the bedrooms laid out? If you have young kiddos for example, you might not want a first floor master that causes you to be farther from them in the night along with the constant up and down when they need something. How about how the kitchen flows into other areas of the house.

Think about what’s important in your lifestyle. Think about how the overall layout of the home works for what you need.

Architectural Details

Remember, when the seller moves all of their pretty Pottery Barn style furniture out, you’re left with an empty space. Think about what there is to work with.

This could be vaulted ceilings, wood trim, French doors, or arched doorways. Is having a home with some character important to you? Then this is definitely something to keep in mind!

The view from the kitchen window

 Now for a question I ask all of my buyers, what view do you want to see from your kitchen window? This could range from “my kids playing in the backyard” to “definitely not the neighbor’s yard.” What you see out your kitchen window is a scene you’re going to see frequently and what’s beyond that window is really tied into the lifestyle of your home.

What’s nearby

Think about the last 2 minutes of your drive before you get home. Do you pass by lakes and parks, lots of trees, a quiet street, a busy downtown because you love that hustle and bustle – what is nearby? This has a huge impact on the lifestyle your house creates and is often what sellers talk about when I ask their favorite things about living there.

It could be that they love having neighbors to hangout with, that they love walking or biking the nearby trail into the downtown to grab coffee, the walk around the lake they do every morning or all of the amenities within a 5 mile radius that keeps them busy on weekends. This is something you definitely cannot change so think about what you want your lifestyle to look like in your new house and what community would suit that best.

There you have it, here is a recap of items that are easily overlooked when searching for a home.

  1. Natural Light
  2. Room Flow
  3. Architectural Details
  4. View from the kitchen window
  5. What’s nearby

If you’re selling, create a top 10 list of things you love about your home to highlight these often overlooked features and if you’re house shopping, make sure you think beyond the look of the house and prioritize any of the details that matter to you.

Thank you for joining me! Until Next Time!

-Niki Luther

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