Hi everyone, thank you for joining me today on Heart into your Home! I am SO excited for what this season will bring and have already started decorating for fall.

Whether you’re thinking of listing your home before the end of the year or your house just needs a little refresh after summer, I’m here to deliver!

Future 2021 Sellers: Take extensive notes!

Ready, Set, Let’s REFRESH!

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

1. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh fruit – Take a family trip to the apple orchard or local farmers market and pick apples (half for eating and the other half for placing in a decorative bowl). Give that kitchen counter the fall POP it’s been waiting for

2. This one is for the DIY’ers! DIY a Fall wreath for your front door for a *Fall in Love* worthy, first impression. Just don’t ask me how HOWEVER, I have a really great friend named Pinterest who has all the DIY wreath tips for ya!

3. Pick Fall florals from your backyard or trader joes and pop them into a cute vase or mason jar. I like to do this all over my house. One on my nightstand, one on the bathroom counter, one on the coffee table – it adds so much to have fresh seasonal florals throughout the house.

4. DIY stovetop potpourri – Make your house *Fall Scented* Slice up some apples and oranges and add them to a pot with cinnamon sticks, cranberries, nutmeg, and cloves. Fill the pot with water and set to simmer.

5. Bakery doubles as home decor – This is very Bree Vandekamp but try it out! Bake a yummy pumpkin pie and leave it cooling on the stove (this on is perfect for showings if you’re putting your house on the market this Fall) and it will paint the picture of “what it could be like to bake pies in the kitchen” which leads right to our goal of helping buyers picture themselves living there.

6. This one is for you, not the house! Get fancy and make a homemade PSL on a Saturday morning. *Sip slowly with a good book.*

What are you changing up in your home for Fall? I know some of these tips you have to buy some fruit and maybe some spices, but no major remodeling is involved in this quick fall refresh.

Thank you for joining me! Come hang out with me on Instagram for more real estate fun and my attempt at making reels!

Until Next Time!

-Niki Luther

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