How to Clean Barrington Collection Light Fixtures

Hi Everyone, thank you for joining me today on the blog. Today I wanted to talk about a task that can seem daunting, but the end result is worth the hard work. Let’s jump right in.

Everyone has some sort of light fixture or chandelier in their home. Over time it can collect dust, bugs that fly into the light and if it’s halloween maybe even some cobwebs?

I have the Kichler Barrington Collection light fixtures in my home purchased from Lowes. As you can see the glass shades are facing upward, and this means dust is easily trapped inside.


First you will want to remove the lightbulbs, socket rings and the glass shades carefully. These particular light fixtures come with a little tool you can use to loosen the socket rings, but since my hands are small enough, it is much easier to twist them off with my hands instead.

I fill the sink with HOT water and a tiny bit of dawn dish soap so that it looks almost like a bubble bath! Carefully put the socket rings and glass shades into the hot water to soak for just a few minutes.

During this time. I wipe down the light bulbs with a mild spray, you can use windex. I like to use Thieves.

Rinse the glass shades and the socket rings and set to dry on a dish towel. I then wipe down the light fixtures and dust all the sections hanging from the ceiling. You can also vacuum out the shade holders if they are extra dusty or have small bugs in them.

Once everything is cleaned and sparkling, you can start to reassemble to the light fixtures. The end result is totally worth the ladder climbing and light bulb twisting, I promise!

There is something about a clean house that makes me smile. Take some time to clean, re-use and appreciate the items you have in your home.

Thank you for joining me today on the blog. I am going to link the REEL I created with little snip videos of me cleaning the light fixtures.

Until Next Time!

-Niki Luther

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