Decoration MUST HAVES to Spook Up your Home this Halloween!

Hi everyone, thank you for joining me on another blog post. This one is probably going to be one of my favorites as I share some decoration must haves to spook up your home this Halloween.

I am sure you scroll pinterest or see magazines and wonder where do you even begin to add a classic touch of Halloween, without completely overdoing it in orange and black? I mean if you want to overdo it by all means! This is all just for fun anyway!

Creepy Cloth

Creepy cloth is a necessity when it comes to halloween decorating because it can have multiple uses. I have a bin full of creepy cloth. This can be used to add a base layer to any decor theme. I have used this to cover wires, coffee table runners, wrap in and around pumpkins to make it more spooky, I have also used them as a backdrop for a spooky front porch. You cannot go wrong with creepy cloth. Most of mine have been purchased from the dollar store over the years, but you can find some at any store that is selling halloween decorations.

Halloween 2018


Obviously! Right?! Whether real or fake, pumpkins are a staple for Halloween decor. You can line the front porch steps, you can create a table scape or even showcase them on your mantle. During the halloween season you can be sure there will be at least one pumpkin in every room of my house.

Halloween 2018


If you are not one for purchasing loads of halloween decor that will sit in the attic for most of the year, (I have NO SHAME) then by the very minimum get some candles to create spooky vibes! You can color coordinate the candles to match whichever look you are going for, red, black and even orange. Swap them out with a candle holder or pillars and that alone creates an ambiance.

Halloween 2019


Wreaths are another simple touch and totally interchangeable for any holiday. You can pick one up at your local craft stores, or even make one. I usually have a few wreaths on spotlight for Halloween. One on the front door, one on our interior barn door and either one in the office or on the laundry room door.

Halloween 2019

Throw Pillows

Ok at the BARE minimum, you can add some cute decorative throw pillows. Amazon even has pillow covers so that you can reuse the pillows you may already have on your couch or patio etc.

Halloween 2019

That’s all for now, thank you so much for joining me for this fun & spooky blog post about my favorite staples to use for Halloween decorating. To see my most recent decor, come and follow me over on instagram!

Here is a list of my go-to stores to purchase various Halloween decorations.

Old Time Pottery

At Home

I would love to see your halloween decor. Please tag me in your photos or send me a DM over on Instagram!

Until next time!

-Niki Luther

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      1. If you ever see my site (Creative Chameleons), I have a post about our decorations with pics, although we haven’t put up the spider webs yet because the leaves falling on them and get stuck!


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