What to Pack for a Toddler for a Disney Vacation

Disney vacation packing for the family, although this may sound like a nightmare for some moms, this is SO MUCH FUN for me. So, I may be cheating a little because we actually live in Florida (not far from Disney World about 2 hours) but it is helpful getting advice from someone who goes there frequently so you do not bring unnecessary items.

We are staying 5 nights at the Disney’s Yacht Club Resort which is the prime “on property” location because you can walk directly into Epcot. This will be our second year staying at this resort. We have tried other resorts and this is our favorite!

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Let’s get started with some fun things I pack for our Toddler for Disney World.

If you are not from Florida, you may underestimate how hot and humid the summer days can get here. Also how unpredictable the weather can be with our afternoon thunderstorms. So the first few items I want to cover are must haves for the parks.

  • Waterproof – Tear Free Sunscreen
  • Stroller Cover for random rain storms
  • Swim Diapers
  • Pull ups for long waits in lines if your child is not fully potty trained
  • Stroller Fan

The reason I mention the stroller cover is for the obvious reason of being prepared for rain but also because the stroller parking for when you go on the rides are not covered. So if you think it may rain or is looking gloomy put your cover on before you get in line. This will ensure your stuff stays dry for when you come out from the ride.


We always budget for buying exclusive Disney snacks and drinks around the park, but we are also sensible when it comes to stuff for the little one. No reason to spend $4 on cold apple juice or fruit snacks if we don’t need to. We also pack water bottles and other cool down snacks in our Disney Cooler Bag shown below.


The Disney Stitch Picnic Blanket is perfect for stopping to watch the fireworks or taking a break in the castle courtyard at Magic Kingdom. Our resort also does Movies under the stars and this blanket will come in handy. The bottom has a liner to keep the rest dry and the top is very soft. It conveniently rolls up into a cute bag.

I definitely recommend bringing your own personal stroller with you if you can. It will be much more comfortable then renting the ones at the park. They are hard, sticky and do not have much storage. For older children it might not matter but for the toddler who may take a random nap mid-day while walking around, their own stroller is much more comfortable.



Let’s talk POOL DAYS at the resort. Yes I am the mom with the cute toddler who has matching towels, sunglasses and flip flops to go on each pool adventure. Everything can be found on Shop Disney, I usually shop all the deals and get the items before the trip. Even though the resort does provide towels, I bring a hooded towel and a robe in case we decide to walk around the boardwalk and get ice cream or lunch at the cabana. Some awesome toddlers are already great swimmers but I bring a lifejacket since our resort has a long lazy river. They do provide lifejackets at Disney but they are not the best and we have found they are oversized or flip the little ones sideways, so bring what is comfortable for your little one so that they are safe.

Bedtime at the resort can be stressful for the little ones. They are used to their nighttime routine at home and their own bed. Our daughter is super adaptable to things because we have always been “get up and go” type of parents, not with a strict routine, but we still like to implement good habits even on vacation.

  • Comfortable Jammies
  • Slippers for walking around the hotel
  • Bed time story
  • Night time pull up
  • Favorite stuffed animal or blanket
  • Bubble bath / personal hygiene items


If there are any Disney addicts reading this you know how much fun it is to “dress up” to the theme of the park that you are going to that day. Lion King wear for Animal Kingdom, classic Disney characters for Magic, Star Wars for Hollywood and Nemo for Epcot. Here are a few outfits we plan to bring with us for days at the park. I didn’t photograph everything but thought these were the cutest!



Going out to dinner with a toddler at Disney especially with character dining is an unforgettable experience. This year we have reservations for Be Our GuestCape May Cafe, and Garden Grill to name a few. Pack a charged camera or cameraphone, the characters come around to every table and give each guest time with the characters. I like to bring a sippy cup and toddler sized utensils when we go out to eat. It wouldn’t hurt to bring some wet wipes or sanitizer if you have been walking around the park touching things all day. If your child is a messy eater or likes to eat off the table, a sticky placemat is helpful.

We love to dress up for dinner because of all the photo ops, here are some dresses that are comfortable and very vacation themed! DSC_0116

I hope this helped you decide what to pack for your toddler for Disney World. Remember Disney sells ALL the essentials if you forget something important. Baby Care Centers can be found at each park and they sell diapers, binkys, formula, sunblock you name it!

Here are some pictures of our previous Disney Trips with our little one. I would love to see your pictures and share experiences together!

Thanks for reading!




(2016 Chef Mickey – Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Penny 8 months)



(2017 Epcot – Disney’s Yacht Club Pool – Penny 20 Months)

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