Our Experience at Be Our Guest Restaurant

If you are a huge Beauty and the Beast fan like I am, you have probably heard of the magical dining experience at Disney’s Magic Kingdom where you can dine at the Beast’s castle. The restaurant opened in 2012 in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. The castle features a full table service restaurant at night, and provides quick service during breakfast and lunch hours. The cuisine is french inspired.


Disney never fails when it comes to making the scenery feel real. The moment you get into Fantasyland, you pass by Gaston’s Tavern  and as you are approaching the castle the lights get dim, the music changes and the scenery is set. I am also going to attach a VLOG style video we made so you can see how much detail surrounds the castle. The gargoyle light fixtures, the stone walls, nothing from the story has been left out.


To be able to eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant we made reservations 180 days in IMG_7918advance. This is one of the most popular places to eat and it fills up quickly. We have had failed attempts getting in for many years, and finally arranged it perfectly for our 7th Wedding Anniversary.

They will let you check in 15 minutes before your reservation and have a seat outside the castle until someone comes out and introduces your party name. This particular night they were behind in seating everyone and we waited about 30 minutes after checking in before the hostess was able to seat us inside the castle. There was cold water available for everyone who was outside waiting in the heat. Penelope got her fair share of water refills the entire time we were waiting. When your table is ready, they send you a text to ensure that your entire party is outside the castle waiting to be seated. They will not seat you until your entire party is present.

Three dining rooms are located within the castle, the Grand Ballroom, the West Wing, and a gallery dining area with paintings. We were seated in the Ballroom. There is no doubt that the inside of this castle is stunning. Every detail from the lighting to the walls and windows, it feels like you are inside of Beasts castle.

Our table was in the back of the ballroom near the “balcony” doors where Belle and Beast have their romantic moment in the movie. As soon as we were seated the friendly server came over to our table to take our drink and appetizer order. We of course were loaded up with a ton of bread and ordered Marseilles-style Mussels. They were delicious.

To be honest about our time at Be Our Guest, The ballroom was not what I expected for our anniversary dinner. The theme was beautiful, the service was timely, but the ballroom reminded us of a mall food court. It was loud, crowded and a bit hectic. There are servers rushing back and forth moving around the dessert trays and cleaning tables. There were many children banging dishes and adults all talking over each other, the lighting was dark. Our daughter Penelope turned out being afraid of the Beast. He makes an entrance about every 30 minutes and walks across the ballroom. He did not personally come to each table, but he does make an appearance.

For our main courses I ordered the braised beef with seasonal vegetables, roasted baby potatoes, and caramelized balsamic onions and my husband had the sautéed shrimp and scallops with lobster, mushrooms, and seasonal vegetables in a creamy lobster sauce. I am certain we ate every single bite. The food was exquisite. Everything was cooked to order and fresh. I don’t feel as though we got the full experience of the restaurant because we were seated next to a rather rowdy table of kids that were not supervised by adults, (the adults were three tables away from them) so it made our time feel stressed and distracted. In fact, we ordered the “Grey Stuff” for dessert and had the server pack it to-go. I later ate it in our hotel room at the Disney’s Yacht Club Resort where is was much more relaxed. A helpful tip: don’t forget to mention if you are an annual pass holder you can receive a 10% discount off your bill.

Before leaving the castle we did take a tour around the other dining rooms. Each room was themed and just how you picture it directly from the movie. The West Wing seemed a lot more intimate and looked like it would have been a better choice for us. Unfortunately on busy nights, they do not allow you to choose which room to dine in.

There is a photo opportunity with Beast after you finish your dinner. Please take a moment to watch our video below. You can see us walking into the castle and some of the scenery in Fantasyland.


Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have you eaten at the Be Our Guest Restaurant?

I would love to hear your experience and how you liked it!




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